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Erasmus + Project - 2019/2020 – 2021/2022

Healthy Inclusive Lifestyle through Schools – KA201


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The idea behind HILS was conceived and devised to fundamentally challenge the perception that a healthy lifestyle is a privilege for people from a fluent communities and/or prosperous families. We strongly believe that wealth, family background, ethnicity or region are all factors which must not stand in the way of one's healthy living, be it a child or an adult. Schools, as well as health agencies, parents, and communities share a common goal of supporting the link between healthy eating, physical activity, and improved academic achievement of children and adolescents. Academic achievement includes, academic performance (final grades, standardized tests and graduation rates), education behaviour (attendance, dropout rates, and behavioural problems in schools), and students’ cognitive skills and attitudes (concentration, memory, and mood). Evidence shows that the health of students is linked to their success in school, so by working together, we can ensure that young people are healthy and ready to learn. At school level, the benefits of instilling life-long healthy lifestyle habits are enormous. HILS is designed to contribute to the health of all pupils, well-being and school performance, as evidence from research shows that:

Coordenator: Netherlands- (Arnhem- Pallas Athene College)

Partners: UK (London-Nightingale Academy); Portugal (Braga- Agrupamento de Escolas Alberto Sampaio); France(Paris - Lycée Polyvalent Jean Drouant); Spain (Alicante - Instituto de Educación Secundaria Playa San Juan ); Italy (Floridia- Liceo Scientifico “L. da Vinci”); Finland (Helsinki- Latokartonon peruskoulu); Slovenia (Benedikt - Osnovna sola Benedikt)



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