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Erasmus + Project - 2019/2020 – 2020/2021

Foreign Languages: YES! – KA229


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FLY wants to reach some specific objectives: development of communication and co-learning skills in foreign languages to improve transferable skills-awareness of the educational, cognitive, social and civic, intercultural, professional, digital benefits of language learning; increase in the quality of foreign language teaching through the use of digital and non-formal methods in order to raise pupils' motivation, improve school results and reduce school dropout-provision of an effective personalized didactic approach in order to integrate pupils in difficulty at the language classes, starting from their needs to overcome barriers; continuous professional development opportunities for teachers to get in touch with the latest pedagogical innovations and to update their teaching strategy; development of teaching staff skills through the exchange of good practices with a positive impact on school performance; identification of similarities and differences in the partner countries' educational systems regarding the teaching of foreign languages; valorisation of the national and European identities in a multicultural context; promotion of multilingualism in order to strengthen European social cohesion and intercultural dialogue enhancing cross-border cooperation capacity various disadvantaged backgrounds; learning to learn-awareness of the own learning process.

Coordenator: Romania (Craiova - Scoala Gimnaziala Gheorghe Bibescu)

Partners: Turkey (Aydin- Kusadasi Makbule Hasan Ucar Anadolu Lisesi); Portugal (Braga- Agrupamento de Escolas Alberto Sampaio); Greece (Sófades - 1. Gymnasio Sofadwn); Italy (Tarquinia- Istituto Comprensivo Statale Ettore Sacconi ); Romania; Lithuania (Vilnius -Vilniaus savivaldybes Grigiskiu Sviesos Gimnazija)



  1. Rua Álvaro Carneiro
    4715-086 Braga
    Tel. 253 204 220
    Fax. 253 204 224

    Planta da Escola

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